Season Fees

Below are listings of various fees at Onoville Marina.

Boat Length: Boat length is determined by measuring from the bow extremity to the stern extremity along a straight line parallel to the water. Extensions not integral (removable / attached with screws / bolts) with the hull, such as pulpits, bow sprits, swim platforms and outboards will not be included in the measurement.

Non-Electric Slips

Boat Slip Size "A" - Max. length 22' $16.00 $80.00 $136.50 $728.00
Boat Slip Size "B" - Max. length 26' $16.00 $80.00 $136.50 $943.00
Boat Slip Size "C" - Max. length 30' $16.00 $80.00 $136.50 $1108.00
PWC Slip - Max. Length 12' Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable $450.00

Slips with Shorepower (electric)

Boat Slip Size "D" - Max. length 26' $18.00 $110.00 $168.00 $1038.00
Boat Slip Size "E" - Max. length 30' $18.00 $110.00 $168.00 $1177.00
Boat Slip Size "F" - Max. length 34' $19.00 $120.00 $168.00 $1656.00
Boat Slip Size "G" - Max. length 38' $20.00 $130.00 $168.00 $1942.00
Boat Slip Size "H" - Max. length 42' $22.00 $140.00 $168.00 $2370.00
Boat Slip Size "I" - Max. length 47' $23.00 $150.00 $210.00


Slips with 50 ampere shorepower ... add $50.00 per season

Launch & Park Ticket

$10.00 Daily, $40.00 Week, $150.00 Season

Launch Access with Dry Storage

Dry storage is for a watercraft on trailer in parking lot.

$40.00 Week, $450.00 Season for boats / PWC units up to 30'

$50.00 Week, $550.00 per foot for boats / units over 30'

Vehicular Parking/Access

$5.00 Daily, $20.00 Week, $50.00 Season

Seasonal Trailer Storage

$200.00 per Season to 28', $250.00 over 28'

Septic Pumpout Fee

$3.00 per token


Camping reservations may be made on our reservation system.

  • $35.00 Day, $200.00 Week ($250.00 Holiday and Onofest weeks, must be Friday to Friday), $2,100.00 Season (Primary camping unit, being either a single tent, tow behind, 5th wheel, or motorhome)
  • Tent Fee (Only 1 extra tent) added to a primary camping unit, $15.00/Night

(Camping does not include boat launch fees or boat docking)

Generally, reservations for May, June and September require a three day reservation, paid for at the time that the reservation is made. Reservations made within 92 hours of arrival may be for two nights. All holiday reservations, including Onofest, must be reserved for a minimum of 7 nights. These reservations are a Friday to Friday at the holiday rate. Reservations in July and August will be made in weekly increments beginning and ending on a Friday. Checkout time is 11:00 am and check in time is after 2:00 PM.

Please contact us at (716)354-2615 if you have any questions or concerns.

Return applications to:

Make checks payable to Cattaraugus County- OMP

Notices. All notices and other communications here under shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been given, when delivered or mailed to the marina at:

Attn. Onoville Marina Park, c/o Catt. County Dept. of EDPT, 303 Court St., Little Valley, NY 14755.